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Monthly Ladies Calendars

Please click on each month to view group instruction for ladies. 

All ladies clinics, golf schools and special events are open to all women SHGC members. You may participate in each offering individually as it fits your schedule, or you can participate in our long-term program, SHGC Ladies Operation36.

Pre-Season Registration: To register now for any clinic or golf school please email Director of Instruction Jennifer Hudson by emailing:

Please note, that if you are a part of the SHGC Ladies Operation36 Program:

  • Semester 1: Includes all clinics and Operation36 Matches in June and July

  • Semester 2: Includes all clinics and Operation36 Matches in August

SHGC Ladies Instruction June 2019.jpg
SHGC Laides Instruction July 2019.jpg
SHGC Ladies Instruction August 2019.jpg
SHGC Ladies Instruction September 2019.j
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